Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Kenya’s President William Ruto says he is ready to meet opposition leader Raila Odinga amid the recent cost-of-living protests.

Dozens of people have died in the demonstrations.

Mr Odinga has been leading them to push the government to lower taxes and ease other price hikes.

“My friend @RailaOdinga, I am off to Tanzania for a human capital meeting to harmonise the expansion of employment opportunities in our continent. I’m back [on Wednesday] evening, and as you have always known, I’m available to meet one on one with you anytime at your convenience,” the president tweeted on Tuesday.

It came after Mr Odinga held a media briefing claiming that Mr Ruto had snubbed an offer by the Tanzanian president to mediate between the government and the opposition.

Mr Odinga has condemned the police for their brutal actions against protesters and has called for vigils on Wednesday in honour of the people killed in protests.

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