Sun. Jun 9th, 2024

About Us

African peace magazine is a magazine aimed at uplifting the values of peace and unity throughout the continent. It condemns violence and acknowledges those who strive to make the strife disappear. It features pieces, articles and write-ups which go a long way in promoting this noble cause of peace. We at African Peace magazine believe relative peace can be achieved if the right steps are taken towards tackling seeds of discord. African Peace Magazine provides a more positive, friendly and balanced view of the African continent than the main stream media. Rather than promote and celebrate calamities and news on hunger, starvation and war etc. We focus on solutions, cultural developments, sports, nature, tourism, conservation and a host of others. African Peace magazine is a monthly publication aimed at providing essential awareness to conflict infested areas and creating a platform for people oriented solutions.

African Peace Magazine also has the Television and Radio version respectively. African Peace Television is the first 24 hours dedicated peace TV channel in Africa. And the same thing goes for African Peace Radio.

The African Peace brand is a voluntary, non –religious, non-political and non-governmental organization born out of the desire and passion of some personalities who had witnessed the end result of conflicts and crisis and made up their mind to help the continent to provide solution to the unpleasant and unbearable agonies of conflict here and there In Africa

The Magazine is published by African Peace Magazine Ltd with Company Number 8816397 registered in England & Wales United Kingdom, and in Nigeria with RC Number 1219536 and printed in the United Arab Emirate (Dubai), and also working in partnership with African Peace Digest with registration number 2171610.