Tue. May 28th, 2024

At least 44 cholera cases have been reported in Kenya’s Tana River county, as flooding raises the risk of spread of water-borne diseases.

A statement by the World Health Organization (WHO) which cites the numbers, says Kenyan officials supported by WHO and other agencies have been monitoring the health situation and response around the country in the wake of the floods.

The flooding has affected more than quarter of a million people with 238 deaths reported across the country. Tana River is one of the most affected counties by the flooding.

On Tuesday, Kenya’s Health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni said there was grave danger of waterborne diseases becoming a disaster if not addressed in time.

Ms Muthoni spoke as she and other health officials distributed water purification products in the capital, Nairobi.

She also pointed out the risk of diseases from food contamination and unsafe food sources that was being made worse by the floods.

The WHO says it will continue to support the government’s emergency response and “remain vigilant for disease outbreaks that can easily spread if not quickly contained”.

“WHO has also procured around 87 cholera, 58 inter-agency and 20 pneumonia kits that are being distributed to key counties and can treat around 10,000 people,” it said.

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