Wed. May 29th, 2024

Close to $55m (£44m) is being invested in building and upgrading schools in Liberia by the European Union.

They will become state-of-the-art Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) schools, say officials. Students will be able to choose from a range of specialisms including agriculture, welding, mechanics, carpentry and computing.

Nine existing schools are being kitted out. A further eight are being built from scratch, with completion expected five years from now.

The earmarked sites are located in the capital, Monrovia, and across the country.

Liberia’s Education Minister Jarso Jallah that these facilities – which specifically cater to young people pursuing vocational rather than academic studies – were “restoring hope in their future, restoring hope in them that no-one is left behind”.

By Joy

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