Tue. May 28th, 2024

Jersey has seized £829,500 from a corrupt trust account and returned it to the authorities in Mozambique.

An investigation found the funds, which had been held in a Jersey Trust, came from bribes paid to a high ranking civil servant in Mozambique by firms wanting to secure construction contracts in the country.

Jersey’s Attorney General Mark Temple and the Vice-Attorney General of Mozambique, His Excellency Alberto Paulo, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with funds set to be used by Mozambique authorities to combat financial crime.

Mr Temple said he was “delighted” Jersey authorities were able to help.

He said: “I am delighted that Jersey has been party to Mozambique’s first asset return agreement which will result in the strengthening of law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies in Mozambique.

“I am grateful for the assistance provided by the authorities of the Republic of Mozambique in this matter.”

‘Crime does not pay’
Mr Paulo said the return of the funds represented “a triumph for Mozambique, for justice and for the rule of law”.

He said: “Today we are honoured to receive funds that were illicitly diverted from Mozambique and hidden in the Bailiwick of Jersey, which have been recovered as a result of exemplary cooperation with the authorities of the Bailiwick of Jersey.

“It demonstrates the ongoing commitment of our States to ensuring that crime does not pay and that public resources must be used ethically and transparently to benefit the society as a whole.”

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