Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

How man saved thousands in 2023 The unidentified man jumped on the trend of Kenyans showing off how much they have saved at home for the whole of the year. In the video, he could be seen using a knife to try to remove the sealed ends, and as soon as he had a breakthrough, he left everything out on the carpet.

What struck many was that the man had been saving KSh 1000 and KSh 500 notes, and although he did not reveal how much he saved at the end, he inspired many. He then tied the bundles separating the KSh 500 notes from the 1000 notes and showed off the end results. The video also showed another lady breaking a plastic bottle to access the coins that she had been saving for the entire year.

Woman shows off cash after saving in mtungi In a similar story, a Kenyan woman who had been saving money in a 20-litre cooking oil mtungi left netizens impressed after flaunting notes and coins she had saved. The woman, while answering curious fans, explained that it took her exactly nine months to fill the 20-litre mtungi and by being disciplined. Netizens admired her zeal, with some joking that she will make home banks attract tax, while others vowed to give the idea a shot.

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