Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Niger and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are negotiating a transition period in the coup-stricken country that could last from 15 to 18 months, French radio RFI reported on Saturday, citing sources.

The parties are also discussing the fate of ousted Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum, who has been under house arrest since the coup took place, the broadcaster said, adding that ECOWAS demanded the release of Bazoum for the gradual lifting of sanctions against Niger and the country’s authorities were no longer refusing to discuss this issue.

However, Nigerien authorities would prefer Bazoum staying in the country if released, while ECOWAS would rather want him abroad, RFI said.

The talks will continue in January 2024, the report read.

A coup took place in Niger on July 26. Bazoum was ousted and detained by his own guard, led by Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani. Following the military takeover, ECOWAS suspended all cooperation with Niger and threatened military intervention if the rebels did not reinstate Bazoum.

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