Thu. May 30th, 2024

As workers across the world celebrate International Workers’ Day, Abia state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has decried the 39 months arrears owed pensioners by the Abia state government.

The party however urged workers in the state, both in the public and private sector to remain resolute and committed to carrying out their duties.

In a statement signed by the chairman of the party in the state, Dr Kingsley Ononogbu, the Abia APC lamented that the PDP-controlled administration has refused to pay senior citizens their pensions and gratuities after serving the state meritoriously.

The party however, felicitated with workers in the state on the occasion of this year’s Workers’ Day just as it applauded them for their hard work, diligence and sacrifice.

It noted that efforts of workers’ across the country was largely responsible for the growth and prosperity of the country and the respect Nigeria now commands in the comity of nations.

“For over 30 months now, Abia senior citizens have continued to groan under the weight of hunger and want, and the continued neglect and refusal of the state government to pay their pensions and gratuities. The state government has completely ignored them, while seeking to be reelected to power in the next elections. 

“The disdain, aversion, contempt, derision and hatred of Abia government has for workers is very loud with this ugly situation. 

“Due to this, our retirees are dying in numbers without collecting their entitlements to care themselves or their families, many of them are now involved in menial hard work too tedious for them in order to survive. 

“Current workers are also not that hopeful that they would be receiving their entitlements as and when due upon retirement. This is a sorry situation against men and women who have diligently served the state for the most productive part of their lives. Indeed, they are treated like second-class citizens by their own state government.
“The APC has come with a new message, to build a new Abia of our dreams, and this is hinged on leadership with a human face, where every Abian, worker or artisan is identified and his or her welfare is number one in the order of priorities. 
“Abia workers must decide as the next election nears, whether they will continue to work in hunger, or whether they prefer to recieve every naira they have earned, and in good time. Every Abia worker must decide whether he or she prefers to be appreciated by the government he or she serves, or be neglected and held in derision. 
“One thing we are promising Ndi Abia thus time is that we will not let you down. But for now, celebrate your day. 
“Happy Workers Day to you all!”, the statement read.

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