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Policemen arrested
Policemen arrested

The three police officers spotted in a viral video assaulting a young man for refusing to unlock his iPhone in Enugu, have been paraded following their arrest.

Recall that the incident occurred on Jan. 4 along Kenyatta Street, Uwani, Enugu.

Parading the officers before newsmen on Jan. 6, Enugu Police Commissioner Mr Ahmed Abdurahman said a panel of inquiry whose report will be used in the orderly room trial of the erring police officers have been constituted.

Commenting on the video which he said left him disturbed, Abdurahman said, “After the panel’s three days’ work, we will look into the panel’s findings and recommendation.

“Then, they will definitely face orderly room trial and after all these we know what level of punishment will be meted on them.

“The members of the public should know that the Nigeria Police under the present IG cannot condone and shield such uncivilized characters.

“Nigerians should know that the negative action of the erring personnel is unprofessional and does not in any way reflect the image and attitude of the Nigeria Police.

“We are here to police with human face and some level of decorum and civility.”

The officers included two Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) and one police constable.

Watch video below:

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