Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has ripped through families in Gauteng, the province at the pandemic epicentre, hitting many who escaped the first two waves. Three families describe how they are coping.

First published in the Daily Maverick 168 weekly newspaper.

The Brinks

Priscilla Brink’s family managed to avoid contracting Covid-19 in the first and second waves, but they felt the pandemic’s economic impact. Priscilla lives with her three-year-old daughter, mother and two sisters in a two-bedroom flat in Boksburg.

Priscilla, a qualified health and safety officer, lost one job and then another in the last year and the family relies on Priscilla’s sister Rebecca (19) to pay rent and utilities, and have had to resort to asking friends for help and taking donations for groceries.

“Now it’s gotten us when we’re already down and out,” said Priscilla (22).

She believes she contracted coronavirus from her fiancé. Priscilla and her mother tested positive last week. Louise Brink (54) has struggled to walk, has a bad cough and her oxygen levels and heart rate have fluctuated. Priscilla, who suffered body pain and headaches, had fewer symptoms but is still lethargic.

Before they were in isolation, Louise was caring for…

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