Sun. Mar 26th, 2023


Breakaway Somaliland has warned over an impending attack on its territories by troops from the neighbouring Somali region of Puntland and vowed to defend itself against any aggression.

In a statement, Somaliland’s defence ministry said it received credible intelligence indicating that members of the Puntland Security Force (PSF) and Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) were planning to attack its military over the next few days.

Somaliland says it is taking the threats seriously and has taken all the necessary steps to safeguard its people and territories.

It has also urged the international community to condemn the “unjustified act of aggression” and support its right to self-defence.

The move is seen as an escalation in tensions over the past two months in disputed territories whose ownership is claimed by both Puntland and Somaliland.

The statement was issued hours after the local administration ruled out that clan militias fighting against Somaliland troops were getting help from Puntland and Somali government troops.

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