Mon. Jun 10th, 2024
Nigeria’s problem lies more with the lack of ethical standards of any sort than restructuring. Even if you restructure Nigeria and grant every ethnic group, political and economic autonomy, not much  national development, justice and equity would follow. No one has done more damage to the Niger Delta  Region  than the acclaimed leaders from that region. Where do the bulk of contractors who collect mobilization funds for  developmental projects meant for the area and abandon same come from? They hail from the same region.  Where do the grass cutters who stole the funds for the rehabilitation of the  obviously devastated North East Region come from? They come from the same region.
What about some of the State Governors who have looted their States’ treasuries and foisted a state of economic paralysis on such States. Are they from Jupiter? If they can do this to their States while sloganeering in the name of restructuring, what would they do with greater devolution of power which they seek? Is it restructuring that makes it impossible  for Nass & State Assemblies to pass national budgets on time and implement same efficiently in this country at both national and state levels?
If there is one thing that requires immediate restructuring in Nigeria, it is the ethical deficiency of the political, business, religious, social, military and traditional leadership of the country. This is the main reason for the collapse of all segments of this society where any type of behavior is acceptable. A society where the least prepared can buy leadership positions; where life has no value; where thieves and fraudsters are canonized by religious groups and honored with bogus traditional titles; where some economic criminals are given national awards; where policies are reversed at the behest of an individual; where individuals are larger than institutions; where the rule of law is subject to the caprices of those in authority.
Restructuring requires a sterner stuff. It is for those who have acquired the basic ethical qualifications for nation building, seeking to improve mankind. We are still grappling with a society with little or no ethical standards; no sense of what is right or wrong and where shame is a scarce commodity. In fact, our society is an ethical infant.
Let’s us go back to the respect for basic laws, enforcement of such laws, development of some sense of shame for doing wrong and learn to reward those who do the right things. The restructuring of the Nigerian socio-economic and political order will follow like day after night. No big deal.
May God help us.
Dr. West-Idahosa.


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