Sun. Jun 9th, 2024
Let us remain united as one country as we have been since the creation of our dear country. We have had many successes together and should ride through this storm together. The real problem with the country is the greed of some shameless and unscrupulous persons who engage in regional & religious manipulation of the polity to advance their political and economic interests.
Boko Haram is a common enemy to the whole of our country. So  are kidnappers, armed robbers, economic criminals, corrupt politicians and public servants, especially those in the military and Nigerian police. Fulani herdsmen now constitute a new threat to peace and tranquility in our country. Their victims have no boundaries.
There is no need to pretend that we cannot live with each other. We have always done. There are deviants and idiots in every society and so with our country. The presence of such people cannot undermine our need to stand together. Many of those in power today benefitted from Nigeria. They have a duty to allow other Nigerians and generations yet unborn to benefit from Nigeria ??.
Every part of Nigeria has a chance to challenge for leadership. Constitutional democracy has its way of enthroning leadership. It is not by inheritance or divination. We are all free to participate in it. Every section can send its best materials to challenge for it. If they are good enough, they will get the acceptance of the rest of the country.
I do not believe that there is any part of Nigeria that does not need the other. It is sheer bragging to say so. Those crying for disintegration now are either unhappy with the leadership of the country and want a short cut to occupy same or are making economic or political capital out of it in their own interest.
As for those who have issued threats to others to leave one part of Nigeria for another against our laws, they should quietly face the law. Ask Gov. Obaseki what Edo State Government did to those who were believed to have acted treasonably by invading the premises of a subsidiary of NNPC which is owned by our country and threatened to close same down with violence for whatever reason. They were arraigned before a court of law. There was no noise about it. Whether they would be convicted or not is a matter of law. I expect the same from any State Government, if such misbehavior occurs within the State.
That is the only way to defend our country. Those who hate Nigeria can go elsewhere if they like. The majority of Nigerians are happy to be together and should be given the chance to fix it as others have done to their countries. If they doubt it, let’s have a referendum on it and they would find out the truth of the matter and give us a break.
May God bless Nigeria.
Dr. West-Idahosa.


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