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Residents in Chad’s capital city N’Djamena and two southern towns have woken up after the first overnight curfew, imposed by the military-led government yesterday.

The crackdown followed clashes during pro-democracy protests that left nearly 50 people dead. More protests are expected today.

There was outcry at the treatment of protesters on Thursday, and the US embassy in the capital shared this sombre photo of the aftermath:Social embed from facebook this social embed, make a complaint.

The banned demonstrations – calling for a swifter transition to democratic rule – took place on the day when the junta leader, General Mahamat Idriss Déby, was originally intended to step down.A meeting earlier this month extended his rule for another two years.

The new prime minister, Saleh Kebzabo, said the unrest amounted to an armed uprising.The government has also suspended the activities of three political parties.

General Déby declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to exceptionally heavy floods.

0wak more about these links.Posted at 10:3110:31Uganda ivory trader jailed for lifePatience AtuhaireBBC News, KampalaAn elephant is seen at Murchison Falls National Park on June 15, 2019 in Uganda Getty : Getty ImagesThere are just over 7,900 elephants left in the wild thereImage caption: There are just over 7,900 elephants left in the wild there A court in Uganda’s capital Kampala has sentenced an ivory trader to life in prison.

Pascal Ochiba was arrested in January this year with two pieces of ivory weighing nearly 10kg.The magistrate said that Mr Ochiba was a repeat offender and deserved the maximum sentence, for the future protection of endangered species.

In July 2017, Mr Ochiba was arrested with four pieces of ivory and the skin of an okapi and sent to prison.Okapi are rare forest animals with zebra-like markings and are endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority’s executive director, Sam Mwandha, described the ruling as a landmark achievement in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

In 2019, the country passed a law imposing life imprisonment for people convicted of poaching or trafficking in endangered species.

There are just over 7,900 elephants left in the wild in Uganda, and the species are endangered.Article share tools

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