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Two South African nationals were arrested in Zambia following a failed assassination attempt in Chingola. The suspected hitmen have since been charged with attempted murder.

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The two South Africans were part of a three-person hit crew that included a Ugandan national. Two Chinese nationals allegedly contracted the trio to murder another Chinese national.

The three African suspects have been identified as Henry Kwotek, 40, a Ugandan of 44 Ponana Street in Gauteng, South Africa, Lucky Singate, 32, a South African of 30 Ngcola Kwanobuale, Mawande Lungelo Qnoqnoza, 34, a South African of 41 Mqolomba in South Africa.

The two South African nationals and the Ugandan were arrested after investigations into the attempted murder of Zhang Lian-an, 45.

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Lian-an, the proprietor of Lian-an Mining Limited, was shot three times in the chest at his mine in Chingola on March 2.

Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said two Chinese nationals, Cheng Moyn and Zhuang Pingzhen of Livingstone, were arrested after they were implicated by the trio.

“The trio stated that they were hired by Cheng Moyn from South Africa to come to Zambia and assassinate the victim and that he was the one who provided two fire arms one of which was used in the commission of the crime. A firearm with an erased serial number was recovered from Henry Kwoteck,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said the suspects further revealed that after the shooting incident, they were paid K200, 000 by Cheng Moyn for carrying out the assignment.

“An identification parade was conducted in which eight witnesses were called and among them one witness a driver who was booked from Livingstone to Kitwe and finally Chingola positively identified the three suspects namely Henry Kwoteck, Lucky Singate and Mawande Lungelo Qnoqnoza while the other seven witnesses positively identified Lucky Singate the hitman who shot the victim.”

“Zambia Police wishes to warn foreign nationals coming into the country with a sole purpose of coming to commit crimes that Zambia is not such a destination where they can come and commit crime and expect to flee.

As Zambia police we will not relent in dealing with such criminal elements as we stand ready to ensure that they face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

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