Fri. Dec 1st, 2023


Tanzania’s foreign minister on Monday met the heads of diplomatic missions and foreign organisations in the capital, Dodoma, to warn them against issuing “alarming statements” on the country’s security.

It came after the US embassy warned of a possible terror attack in Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam on 25 January.

Foreign Minister Stergomena Tax asked the foreign diplomats to “observe diplomatic communication channels as stipulated by the Vienna Convention… to avoid creating unnecessary tension within and without the country”.

She said Tanzania would “remain to be a peaceful, secure and stable country that gives due attention to matters of security internally, regionally and internationally”.

Two days after the US warned that areas in Dar es Salaam frequented by Westerners “continue to be attractive targets to terrorists planning to conduct attacks”, Dutch airline KLM sent an alert to its customers regarding possible disruptions to its Tanzania flights due to “civil unrest”.

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