Wed. May 29th, 2024

A fundraiser has completed a challenge to climb the height of Mount Everest in three days to help bring water to a village in west Africa.

Ben Wollen, 21, from Swindon, climbed an indoor wall at Flashpoint Climbing Centre 885 times, which added up to the height of the world’s highest peak.

The 21-year-old is trying to raise £2,000 for a new water tower to be built in Sanyang in The Gambia.

He took on the challenge after visiting the area in February.

Ben Wollen Mr Wollen with children in the villageBen Wollen
Mr Wollen said he was inspired to help after a trip to The Gambia in February
Mr Wollen said his time there was “overwhelming and incredibly eye-opening” and after speaking to locals he felt inspired to help.

“The trip changed my life and I know it can make a difference to them and will provide sanitary water,” he said.

He is helping Wuyeh, a man from Sanyang, who says his community face great difficulties getting regular clean water.

Ben Wollen A body of water in the village with rubbish inBen Wollen
Mr Wollen wants to raise the money to provide clean water to the community
In a video, shared by Mr Wollen, Wuyeh said materials are very expensive in The Gambia at the moment so they are grateful for the help.

“The community needs to benefit from clean water in order to move on with our daily lives,” Wuyeh added.

After climbing roughly 8,848m in 72 hours, Mr Wollen said he had beaten his initial goal of £1,500 and now wants to get “as much as we can raise”.

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