Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Democratic Republic of Congo issuing a formal notice to Apple is the country’s “first move” in a drive against the “exploitation” of its raw minerals, a lawyer representing DR Congo’s government.

French lawyer William Bourdon spoke to the Newsday programme after the Democratic Republic of Congo accused Apple of using “illegally exploited” minerals in its products.

He was among a team of lawyers who on Thursday sent a formal notice to the tech giant on behalf of DR Congo, alleging that the minerals used by Apple come from mines where human rights are violated by rebels.

The notice warned of legal action if the alleged practice continues.

Apple has previously said there is no evidence any of its suppliers financed or benefited armed groups in DR Congo or any neighbouring country.

Mr Bourdon said: “This is the first move, we will continue. This is the first move of a new policy of the DRC. We want to moralise the way that raw materials are exploited in this country.”

DR Congo’s lawyers accuse Apple of buying minerals smuggled from eastern Congo into neighbouring Rwanda, where they are then laundered and integrated into the global supply chain.

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