Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

The Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, Sunarko, along with the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum, attended a dynamic meeting on Friday (26/1) with a group of Sudanese entrepreneurs affiliated with the Port Sudan International Club. The meeting was directly attended by Mr. Abdalla, the General Manager of Bank Al-Balad Sudan, along with prominent figures from the business community in Port Sudan.

The discussion focused on the progress and follow-up of trade transactions and the realisation of business commitments between the two countries. Key topics included plans for Sudanese entrepreneurs to purchase Indonesian products and the potential for business collaboration between Indonesia and Sudan.

The meeting also addressed recent developments in the market and the economy of Sudan, particularly in Port Sudan, which continues to grow despite challenges in the current situation. Expressing readiness to provide ongoing support, Ambassador Sunarko conveyed the commitment of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum to facilitate concrete collaboration between Sudanese importers and Indonesian exporters. The Ambassador appreciated the growing relations and cooperation between the business communities of Sudan and Indonesia.

Ambassador Sunarko also emphasised the significant economic and trade potential between Indonesia and Sudan, urging all stakeholders in Sudan to actively explore opportunities for enhancing Indonesia-Sudan trade cooperation.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia.


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