Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Rwandan police have arrested a 34-year-old suspected serial killer who is alleged to have murdered and buried more than 10 bodies in his kitchen.

The police found out about the murders after evicting the man from his rented house in Kicukiro district, a suburb of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

His landlord had asked them to do so as he had defaulted on rent for the last seven months.

A police official told Rwanda’s private newspaper The New Times that when they went to evict him on Monday, he put up a fight.

“He apologised and cried excessively, which raised our suspicions. We detained him and I personally took him to the police. It is at the police station where he confessed to having killed some people, prompting RIB [Rwanda Investigation Bureau] to investigate his residence,” the official said.

Police said that the man confessed to luring his victims from bars and then robbing, killing and burying them in a hole he had dug up in his kitchen. He also revealed that he dissolved some victims in acid.

The victims were both male and female, said Thierry Murangira, spokesperson for the Rwanda Investigation Bureau.

He told the AFP news agency that sex workers had mainly been targeted.

The authorities said that they had arrested the man in July for allegedly robbing, raping and threatening some women, but released him as there was insufficient evidence.

An anonymous police source told AFP that they had recovered 14 bodies, but Mr Murangira said that the police were still investigating the total number of victims.

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