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Any music lover can tell how the sounds, creativity, arrangement and other music production skills changed in 2022, thanks to different music producers who are putting Rwandan music on the global map.

From hip hop producers to zouk and R&B beat makers, The New Times highlights some of the best music producers of 2022 basing on hits they produced, production touch, awards and nominations among others.


Among two hits played on airwaves and televisions of Rwanda, one has a tag ‘Eleeh.’ It is a tag by a 23 year old who is one of the best music producers in Rwanda behind most of the hits produced in 2022.

Born Fred Robinson Mugisha, the young star produced hit songs like ‘Inana’ by Chris Eazy, ‘Hashtag’ of Christopher, ‘Basi Sori’, ‘Joli’ of Kenny Sol among many others produced in 2022.

Element also won recording producer of the year at Isango na Muzika awards 2022.

Kenny Vibz

Kenny Vibz has turned himself into an Afrobeats powerhouse ever since he started producing for Kivumbi King.

With a well-known tag (Kenny On The Beat!), you know it’s a hit, records like Nillan’s “Nonstop” and Confy’s ‘Comfirm’ are just a few to mention from his catalog, with the latest being Kivumbi’s club banger “Salute.”

Kenny’s production touch and music arrangements is something most Rwandan artistes and producers find unique.

Bailey Pro

Bailey’s breakout single had everyone thinking Drill was his main genre, but he seemed to have gone soul searching, experimenting on his sounds.

With the help of fellow musicians, he has morphed himself into one of Rwanda’s best-diversified prospects. His best project so far is Ish Kevin and Ycee’s ‘Clout’, a hard drill banger released on Ish Kevin’s Trappish mixtape 2.

From Ariel Wayz’s “Demo” to ‘Sad Boys’, it is safe to say that the young producer is just getting started, and Rwanda’s drill and trap is in safe hands.

Santana Sauce

On a well-fleshed roster, Santana Sauce has equally served all the artists he has worked with, foreseeing Ariel Wayz’s second EP, where he worked on its most trending song, “Bad”. The project debuted at number one in Rwanda.

Known to be distinctive with his work, Santana who is currently signed under Hi5 studio, is the brains behind Bwiza’s ‘Ready’, a single track that made rounds in the local music scene and made Bwiza a star in the region. He also played a big role in the rise of different musicians including Niyo Bosco, Juno Kizigenza, among others.


Anthony Moses also known as Ehlers, is the youngest Rwandan producer whose theme drowns in afro-rap, Drill, Trap and Hip hop. The 19-year-old is basically the go-to guy if you want to merge your sound with trap, the producer has worked with tons of artists, and with the smash hit “Intare” to his name, and he continues the run on Loudsound’s latest album “Rwanda Rw’ejo 2”, crafting most of the 16 songs on the project.

He also worked with Ish Kevin on his new EP with its most trending track ‘Long Way’ produced by him.

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