Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The Management of African Peace Brand, Owners of African Peace Television, African Peace Radio and publishers of African Peace Magazine in commemoration of their 6th year anniversary has announced the appointment of Ms. Catia Rodrigues as the Group Director and Arnaud Bailleul Rabustiere is to head the Europeans office, as bureau chief.
In that capacity, Catia will be heading the London office and would be responsible for the editorial content, administration and general output of the television, radio and the Monthly Magazines published by the group.

Arnurd is an experienced lawyer and HR expert with over 17 years’ experience. He would be responsible for the group’s activities in Europe.

Others who have been appointed includes; Bancy murugi, Country representative for Kenya, Salama Kosoga Country representative for Uganda, Sunday Honorine for Rwanda, this Rwandan born lady has her double bachelors degree in Mass Media and communication and Public Relations. Christie Gowon is the Chief consultant, Lilian Makoi for Tanzania. In Madagascar we have Rafidison Tantely. For Ethiopia we have Bethlehem Alemayehu, Ivory Coast we have Hermann N dede Corcher, Cameroon we have Sandra Die Kacou, Memory Sinkala, for Zambia and Tanzania we have Stanesy Humphey Sanga
Catia is a trained banker, writer, lawyer and very passionate about peace issues, particularly as it has to do with Africa.

Catia, who speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and French, has travelled extensively locally and internationally would assist with the company’s strategic plan of covering the entire continent and the plan to publish the Magazine in various languages

Leruo Dichaba is to head the South African office as a director.

Leruo Dichaba is a South African born businesswoman in the field of Media, Renewable Energy and Transport. She studied Project Management, Political Studies at the Walter Sisulu Leadership Academy and African & International Trade at TIMALI. She has considerable experience in the organization management and planning of various projects.

She’s an Afro-optimist who believes that the development of Africa should come from the hands of Africans and therefore it is the responsibility of Africans to come up with sustainable economic industries for its betterment..

 TOBORE OVUORIE is now the group editor

Until September 2016, Ms. Tobore was a Senior Investigative Journalist with the Premium Times, Abuja where she spent over three years churning hard-hitting investigative stories.

People say Ms. Ovuorie is a dogged multiple award-winning investigative and health journalist. She mainly investigates human rights abuses, corruption, health and regulatory failures.

Her educational background in English and Literary studies, journalism, broadcasting and a Masters degree in Psychology gives her a broad base from which to approach many topics.

African Peace magazine makes key appointments to mark her 6th year anniversary.


In a statement by Noah Ajare, the CEO of African Peace Brand and Group Editor-in-Chief, he said all those appointed possesses the experience, competence and outlook the company requires at this stage in its evolution and that they have what it takes to drive the new vision of the company.

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