Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Scores of people were injured during a stampede as Kenyans forced their way into a stadium where William Ruto was inaugurated as president on Tuesday.

A medic said a fence at the stadium in the capital, Nairobi, fell down after people pushed it and about 60 were injured. There were no reports of deaths.

Some of those present said they unsuccessfully tried to dodge baton-wielding security forces on their way in.

“I was beaten by the police after trying to get inside,” one witness, Benson Kimutai, who had a leg injury, said.

Ruto narrowly won the August 9 election in East Africa’s most stable democracy over long-time opposition figure Raila Odinga. Last week, Supreme Court last week rejected challenges to the official results.

Ruto is taking power in a country heavily burdened by debt that will challenge his efforts to fulfil sweeping campaign promises made to Kenya’s poor.

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