Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Some Ghanaians will be without regular electricity for over a week, if an independent power consortium follows through on threats it has made.

Intermittent outages will begin from Saturday and last for eight days, says the Ghana Chamber of Independent Power Producers (GCIPP), if the state fails to pay arrears of $1.9bn (£1.5bn) by the close of Friday.

Ghana is suffering its worst economic crisis in a generation, so the government is hoping to cut down on interest payments on debts.

About 47% of power in Ghana is generated by independent companies. They also generate 67% of thermal power.

GCIPP members are demanding that the government pays at least 30% of $1.4bn overdue arrears from March, because the debt has significantly affected their capital and ability to continue to generate electricity.

The consortium previously rejected a government proposal to defer debt payment as part of measures to implement the $3bn IMF bailout programme.

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