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Music, an inevitable tool for positive change — Jack

By Mateen Badru

A Nigerian artiste, Jack Idopise Emmanuel a.k.a. Mr Jack, on Sunday advised fellow artistes to write music that would inspire listeners for a positive behavioural change.

The 25-year-old afro pop singer, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, said good music should have good content that would benefit listeners.

Idopise said an artiste should carefully choose lyrics for songs as he would expect his songs to enjoy much airplay and become a household tune.

“Most of our young artistes do not bother so much about the content of their songs as much as they do with the beats.

“The simple reason is that the current listeners concern themselves most about beats and therefore buy such songs, no matter the lyric.

“But my contrary view is that such songs are short lived, they would phase out easily with the times, unlike our old school songs that are ever green,” he told NAN.

The hip-up artiste, who made reference to his newly released song, ‘Vision 2020,’ said it is a song that motivates a person to achieve greatness.

“We should benefit from the songs we listen to just like my new single harps on positive affirmation.

“There is power in the tongue and we shouldn’t use it in singing songs that add no value to our way of life,” he said.

According to Mr Jack, Vision 2020 is an inspirational rhythm, an intellectual work of art, expressing the need for the community to drive at exceeding goals.

“Little wonder the title portrays vision, meaning that every single person striving in one way or the other must have a clear picture of his or her dream.

“This song teaches us that as a striker, we must be active, proactive and productive. In this notion, I believe with positive thinking, we could make history,” he said.

He noted that his songs pointed out the need to be result oriented toward  establishing self and creating support for the government as well.

The Vision 2020 crooner further advised Nigerian artistes to desist from focusing on the beat of a song at the expense of the lyrics.

He also acknowledged the fact that artistes needed to go commercial by creating party bangers and emphasised that the listeners well being should be put first. (NAN)

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