Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

The private sector in Mozambique will import around 1,200 tons of chicken to cover any possible shortfall during the festive season, taking into account current restrictions on the entry of poultry products from South Africa, due to bird flu.

Speaking on behalf of the Mozambican Poultry Industry Association (AMA), Zeiss Lacerda announced that 1,700 tonnes of chicken are currently available, of which 1,000 tonnes are for the southern part of Mozambique, with many more already being produced by national companies.

Meanwhile, the government is giving assurances there will be sufficient food products to cover the needs of the upcoming festive season.

Speaking this week at the launch of the preparations for the 2023-2024 festive season, Minister of Industry and Commerce Silvino Moreno said the country currently has 41,611 tons of rice, 14,584 tons of corn flour, 13,093 tons of wheat flour, among other products.

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