Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Kenya’s President William Ruto has said that a planned deployment of police officers to Haiti will go ahead as soon as the Caribbean country puts in place a transitional presidential council.

Authorities in Kenya earlier this week said the planned deployment was on hold following the announcement that Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry would be stepping down.

Mr Ruto and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday discussed “the expeditious deployment” of the officers, “including immediate next steps to facilitate deployment”, US Department of State Spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Tuesday.

“I assured Blinken that Kenya will take leadership of the UN Security Support Mission in Haiti to restore peace and security in Haiti as soon as the presidential council is in place under an agreed process,” Mr Ruto sid on social media on Tuesday.

He added that Mr Blinken had informed him that the council “will be formed shortly”.

However, Haitian media report that the creation of the council could take time as it is facing opposition from some political parties.

The council will be tasked with appointing an interim prime minister and council of ministers to lead Haiti until the country holds elections.

The new administration would also work with the Kenyan-led international police force to combat gang violence.

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