Fri. May 20th, 2022

Families of Ak-9 Abuja to Kaduna train kidnapped victims have raised  alarm over the 

horrible conditions the abducted passengers have been forced to live in and called on the Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC, not to resume services on the corridor until all those help captive are safely rescued.

Representatives of the families, Abfulfatai Jimoh and Ba’abba Muhammad told newsmen in Abuja that it would be insensitive for NRC to resume  operations on the route with fate of scores of passengers kidnapped still unknown.

According to them “Abuja-Kaduna train service should not resume until the quick and safe rescue of our family members held hostage and adequate security measures are put in place to guarantee the safety of prospective passengers. This position aligns with the prayers of the majority of Nigerians.

“It has been 42 long days of living in fear, virtually no sleep, no bath, wearing the same clothes, under the scorching sun and rain, and exposed to extreme environmental hazards. 

“The emotional, psychological, mental, and physical torture arising from these conditions are only imaginable. 

“Among the abducted passengers are children- some as young as three years old, pregnant women, women including an 85-year-old great grandmother, and others. Some of these victims have health challenges requiring daily medications, which they have had no access to in the last 42 harrowing days.”

In an emotionally-laden voice, Jimoh added that the story of one of the victims giving birth in the forest is difficult to accept in a sane society.

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