Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The N100 million price tag for the presidential nomination form of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC has been criticised by Nigerians on social media.

APC had earlier announced that aspirants seeking to contest the 2023 presidency would pay N100m to buy forms.

Reacting, Nigerians opined that the APC is discouraging youths and encouraging corruption with the cost of Presidential tickets.

They wondered how any politician would afford such an amount and not steal money when elected.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@SeniormanOA “So APC is charging. Senate – N20M, Governorship- N50M, Presidential N100M for their Nomination form. I’m sorry but almost everyone that’ll purchase these forms will steal one way or the other. It shouldn’t cost so much to run for a public office man.”

@DamiAdenuga “N100m to buy 1 form, tell me how the person buying this form won’t take a loan to pay and when they win, they’ll use government money to repay personal loan they took to buy nomination form.”

@Spiceofgod “Pay 100m as a youth to contest for the presidency, EFCC will come after you and say you’re a launder or a Yahoo boy. NDLEA will say you’re peddling drugs. I think this is a trap against the youths. This country isn’t fair to the youth.”

@Jide_Olusola “Nigeria is too poor for politics to cost so much. Why won’t politicians try to recoup their ‘investment’ when they get into the seat?

@ChikaOhaji “If you are an average citizen, that means you are not qualified. A country where the minimum wage is 30k, invariably a youth, a middle-income earner cannot come out. Democracy to the dust.”

@Akzainab_ “Now I see why politicians are looting this country at any chance, and why we the youths will never be the leaders of tomorrow. Mehnnn this is a big investment and profit must be made. 100m no be beans oh.”

@MindnPen “If someone spends so much with the campaign and other dealings to get to office, it is very clear their immediate mission would be to get their money back. I don’t think the money should be that high.”

@Dhotun “If someone uses 20m to buy form then another 50m to campaign, then another 40m to bribe here and there. Wouldn’t my first and foremost priority be to recover the over 100m I have spent to become a senator? These political parties don’t mean well for the Nigerian people.”

@Obis_Couture “Just form o, you never talk about the money to be shared to delegates to win their votes and finally campaign money if the person wins. APC is really a burden to Nigeria.”

@Real_Simk “N100m for forms, ain’t APC encouraging corruption in this country?

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