Fri. Mar 31st, 2023


Zimbabwean police say they are investigating allegations of violence against the opposition.

This comes after a video was widely shared on social media showing what appears to be a gang interrogating and assaulting people holding an opposition meeting.

The incident has raised fears that this year’s election will see a repeat of some of the violence that has marred previous polls in Zimbabwe.

In the video, reportedly filmed in Murehwa, north-east of Harare, a woman interrogates a group of people and castigates them for supporting the opposition.

An elderly man is then held down on the ground as men beat him repeatedly with wooden poles.

The punishment is carried out in front of a young child.

The opposition Citizens Coalition For Change says this is one of many pieces of evidence that show the governing ZANU-PF party has unleashed vigilante groups ahead of elections.

A ZANU-PF official in the area has distanced his party from the attack.

Rights groups have often accused the governing party of using systematic violence as a tool to win elections.

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