Tue. May 28th, 2024

Police in Zambia have warned that former President Edgar Lungu risks being arrested and prosecuted for “engaging in activities that disrupt public order and safety”.

This is after a crowd of people thronged around Mr Lungu as he walked around the capital, Lusaka, on Thursday to assess the reported high cost of doing business in the city.

Mr Lungu said he was “personally amazed by how high the prices of commodities have become” under President Hakainde Hichilema’s government.

A multitude of people were seen waving at the former leader as he walked through the city’s streets.

Police in a statement said Mr Lungu caused “significant disruptions to traffic” during his visit.

“We want to emphasise that such actions constitute an unlawful assembly and regardless of one’s former status as a head of state, adherence to the law is non-negotiable,” the police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, said.

He urged the former president to conduct himself “within the confines of the law and to refrain from actions that disrupt public peace and order”.

“Failure to comply will result in the necessary legal actions being taken.”

The former leader was last year warned against jogging in public, as police described his weekly workouts as “political activism”.

Mr Lungu, who lost the presidency to President Hichilema in 2021, has announced his return to politics ahead of the 2026 general elections.

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