Sun. Jun 9th, 2024

From: Inside Story

Opposition leaders say they’re protesting against the high cost of living.

Kenya has seen several days of protests and unrest, sparked by a rising cost of living and political divisions.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga is leading the demonstrations and calling on President William Ruto to resign.

Odinga lost last year’s election by a small margin to Ruto and says he was cheated out of victory.

So, can the government contain this turmoil? Or will it escalate?

Presenter: Cyril Vanier


Farah Maalim – Former deputy speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly

Bina Maseno – Executive director of Badili Africa, an NGO which works to increase female participation in politics

Herman Manyora – Political analyst and professor at the University of Nairobi, who voted for Raila Odinga

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