Sun. Jun 9th, 2024

Retired US boxer Floyd Mayweather danced to a drumbeat and the cheers of fans at the Robert Mugabe International Airport in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, on the first day of his “motherland tour”.

He was greeted at the airport by his host Scott Sakupwanya, a prominent gold dealer and businessman, who is also a brand ambassador for Mayweather’s lifestyle brand The Money Team (TMT).

Mr Sakupwanya is campaigning to become a member of parliament for the governing Zanu-PF party in Mabvuku, a constituency in Harare.

As part of his tour, Mayweather will watch some boxing matches in Mabvuku and then conduct a few training sessions before heading to an exclusive business dinner with young entrepreneurs.

The BBC understands that he is seeking business and investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. His is expected to leave for South Africa on Friday.

By Joy

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