Tue. May 28th, 2024

Several political parties and civil society groups in Mali have rejected the ruling junta’s order to suspend political activities, vowing to stage demonstrations over the move.

“By taking the illegal decision to suspend the activities of political parties and associations, the junta is violating Mali’s constitution,” the president of the party African Social Democratic Party (PSDA), Ismael Sacko, said, vowing to organise protests against the decision.

The coordinator of the 20 February Appeal to Save Mali coalition also condemned the decision and called for civil resistance against it.

Meanwhile, the House of the Press of Mali press watchdog expressed concern over the decision by the country’s media regulator to bar media outlets from reporting on the activities of political parties.

It called on media outlets to defy the order.

The High Authority of Communication (HAC) on Thursday asked media outlets in the country to stop reporting on the activities of political parties and associations, a day after authorities issued a decree suspending until further notice all activities by political parties and groups on the grounds of maintaining public order.

The junta has incrementally repressed critical reporting on the stalled political transition and security situation in the country since taking power in 2020.

More than 80 political parties and civil groups recently called for presidential elections “as soon as possible” and an end to military rule, after the expiry of the extended transition period last month.

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