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BBC News, Kampala

A 43-year-old Ugandan teacher and her alleged partner remain in custody after they reported over the weekend to police in the eastern city of Jinja.

Same-sex relations are illegal in Uganda under colonial-era laws, which have been bolstered by more recent anti-homosexuality bills – the latest of which is currently being drafted by parliament.

On Friday, parents of students at PMM Girls school stormed the building demanding to withdraw their children, amid online allegations accusing a teacher there of promoting same-sex relations.

Kiira Region Police Spokesman James Mubi told the BBC that the teacher is being investigated over sexual harassment allegations. Her alleged partner is a 30-year-old who is neither a student of the school nor was living there.

He also said there have been no complaints from the students so far against the teacher but it was necessary to keep holding her as well as her alleged partner for their own safety.

Over a week ago, muslims in Jinja and other parts of the country heeded a call by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council to protest against what they say is a rise in the promotion of same-sex relations in the country.

LGBTQ rights campaigner Frank Mugisha warned at the time that Uganda could see an increase in the targeting of people in same-sex relations in villages and communities.

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