Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

A self-styled Ugandan prophet has been charged with assault, common assault and trafficking in persons.

Prophet Kintu Dennis of Hoima Empowerment Church International was seen in a widely shared online video whipping members of his church.

Police arrested the 42-year-old on Wednesday this week along with four other members of the church following complaints about the video.

He’s recorded ordering church officials to go to the front of the church to be whipped or stop attending prayers and lose the privilege of handling his microphone.

All the while, the congregation watched as one by one the ushers received their beating and soft piano music played in the background.

Prophet Kintu told the investigators that he was only carrying out a demonstration of how Jesus treated those he found selling goods in church, a police statement said.

The authorities also allege that he was operating illegally.

A search carried out in his church found three sticks that police allege were being used to cane members of his congregation.

He had been remanded until 7 September.

Uganda has several evangelical churches operating throughout the country.

They are unregulated and many are run by self-appointed men and women of God.

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