Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Three Israeli soldiers have been killed by an Egyptian policeman in shootings in Israeli territory near the border with Egypt, Israel’s military says.

An investigation with the Egyptian army has been launched, it adds.

Egypt’s military said its security officer had crossed a checkpoint while chasing drug traffickers.

The Israeli military has said the shootings were assumed to be connected with a drug smuggling operation it had carried out overnight.

According to the army, two Israeli soldiers – a man and woman – posted in a remote spot along the border were shot dead early on Saturday morning.

Their bodies were discovered after a senior officer was unable to contact them.

Hours later, after a search operation, the alleged attacker was encircled and there was a shootout, the Israeli military says.

A third soldier was killed, along with the gunman, who it said was an Egyptian policeman.

Another soldier was wounded in that exchange.

In a vaguely-worded statement, the Egyptian military said that its security officer was pursuing drug smugglers and that an exchange of fire led to the Israeli deaths.

Contraband worth about $400,000 was seized by Israeli forces during the overnight operation.

Soldiers are continuing to search in the area for others that may have been involved, the army says.

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