Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

In just a few weeks Paul Biya will celebrate 40 years as president of Cameroon.The 89-year-old has shown no sign of wanting to give up the role, though critics claim he spends much of his time abroad, even as conflict in the English-speaking part of the country rages.

There is, however, a huge political debate in Cameroon about who should eventually replace Paul Biya.Among the apparent contenders in the presidential elections scheduled for 2025 is one Franck Biya, the president’s son.

The man himself has not spoken much about his ambitions but several groups of ‘Franckistes’ – or supporters of Franck – have sprung up.

The vice-president of one of the groups, Shimenyi Amidou, said the movement was not about retaining political power in one family.”Franck Biya is a Cameroonian and has all the right to be a president. We are not looking at the position of the father. It’s not an issue of family,” he told the BBC’s Newsday programme.

He also rejected claims that the president’s son was sponsoring the movement.”If you are a Franckistes in Cameroon it means you are having that zeal for a new Cameroon, for making Cameroon better than before,” he said.

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