Sun. Jun 9th, 2024

Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) group has denounced US sanctions against two of its leaders, describing them as “unfair and shocking”.

On Wednesday, the US imposed financial sanctions on RSF deputy leader Abdel Rahim Dagalo and a travel ban on the group’s commander in West Darfur state, Gen Abdul Rahman Juma, over alleged rights abuses.

Both Mr Dagalo and Gen Juma have denied the US accusations as “lies and misleading”.

In a statement on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, the RSF described the US sanctions as “shocking, unfortunate and unfair”.

It said they “will not help achieve one of the core goals that should be focused on, which is to find a comprehensive solution to the crisis in our country”.

The group accused the US of ignoring “heinous crimes” committed by Sudan’s regular army, which it said included the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and the torture of anti-war activists.

The paramilitary group said the sanctions would complicate US-led efforts to “bring about lasting peace in our country”.

In June, Washington also imposed sanctions on firms owned by the warring Sudanese military factions.

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