Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

As conflict rages across Sudan, agriculture – a key pillar of food and income – is jeopardized for millions of people. Yet, some farmers have held the line. This photo series celebrates those farmers who cultivate against the odds to feed their families – and the nation.

The outbreak of conflict in Sudan has upended the lives of millions of people. As of now, Sudan has become the largest displacement crisis in the world, with over 9 million people fleeing under fire and flame.

Yet, some farmers are holding steady on their plots. And they have no small task. Amid a catastrophic economic crisis, market disruptions and critical input shortages, national agricultural production is expected to drop. This translates into eroded incomes and rising hunger.  

Smallholder farmers are not only the nation’s backbone of food security. Sudan once heralded the title of future breadbasket for all East Africa. But with nearly 18 million people facing crisis or worse levels of hunger, this accolade and people’s lives are in jeopardy. Farmers’ contributions are now more valuable than ever. 

To support these farmers on the frontlines, FAO supplied 1 million farming households – 5 million people – with 10 000 tonnes of seeds in 16 out of the 18 states in Sudan. Our teams worked swiftly to ensure farmers could cultivate just in time for the critical planting season.

And the results of farmers’ perseverance are starting to show. Ahead of FAO’s latest publication demonstrating crop progress set for release in March 2024, we share some of the farmers’ smiling faces as they begin to witness the rewards. 

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


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