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Sportswear maker, Vega, pledges partnership to promote Africa Sports
Sportswear maker, Vega, pledges partnership to promote Africa Sports

Ijeoma Okigbo

Vega Sportswear, a company based in India and producers of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) jersey say they are proud to associate with the country as they plan to promote sports in the continent.

The company, who are clothing partners of Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania are on a one-year renewable contract with Nigeria.

Vijay Singh, a director of the company told the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja, that the NCF jerseys were made with materials to enhance performance.

“We made the jerseys with special play cool dry fit fabric technology to enhance performance.

“The colour combination are made in such a way that even a new team will look like an experienced team,”Singh said following Nigeria’s participation at the rugby Under-19 World Cup.

Meanwhile, the Junior Yellow Greens of Nigeria have lost it’s first two group games against Australia and West Indies in the tournament going on in South Africa.

The debutants will be up against England on Saturday for the last group game and Singh wants the team to “remain focused till the last ball”. (NAN)

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