Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Mozambique’s Secretary of State for Youth and Employment, Osvaldo Petersburgo on Thursday in Lubango, expressed interest in the incubation system of the Local Centre for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services (CLESE) located in Lubango city, with the aim to implement it in his country.

Speaking as part of a visit by SADC employment and labour ministers and social partners, the Mozambique official said he has been “impressed” by the Centre’s business incubator process, an experience that will be put to good use in his country.

“We saw the incubators at CLESE, an important aspect and it’s an experience that we’re going to take from Angola, to continue and improve in Mozambique,” he said.

Osvaldo Petersburgo said there were similarities and experiences to be shared between Angola and Mozambique, especially in the Angolan government’s commitment to giving young people the means to work and tools to start their first job.

He congratulated Angola on its employability measures, which are similar to what they are doing in Mozambique, with the “My kit, my job” programs, which in Angola is called the Action Plan for Promoting Employability (PAPE).

Operating since 2011, the centre has created more than 80 companies and hundreds of jobs.EM/MS/TED/AMP

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