Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Every generation of girls is taught to protect themselves from men to dress up appropriately and to be careful not to awaken the lust and violent behaviour in these men. Men are always viewed as these violent animals that are always ready to salvage and destroy the girl child, but at which point does the boy child stop being a child and start being an animal and what leads to this behaviour in these men? A shocking number of families in Africa live in violent homes with domestic violence and very high femicide rates and all that is because the boy child is neglected.

If men were not born to cry, they would not even have tears, but they do have tears and they do get hurt. The idea that men do not cry led to many men bottling up their emotions. According to stats suicide rate varies between the two sexes with males having a higher suicide rate as compared to females with the female-to-male ratio being 3:1. Men commit suicide because they have no shoulder to lean on. They are conditioned to think crying strips them of their masculinity.

Boy children are told to be fearless; they are not allowed to fear dogs or be scared to walk out during the night. A boy child is not allowed to be a child, to be protected and to be looked after they are taught to survive, to look after their families and to be men, especially in homes where there is no father. That is so detrimental as men think being afraid or not wanting to fight is a sign of weakness leading to them getting into unnecessary fights to prove that they are “men.”

If there is one thing that men hate the most is rejection. Men swear at women who reject them and sometimes it gets to the point where men stalk, rape and kill the women who reject them. Men need to be taught that rejection has nothing to do with their masculinity and that not every girl is “playing hard to get.” Every no should be taken as a no and not a room for the man to try harder. Giving up when courting a girl does not make one weak instead it makes a man strong enough to take a no.

By Joy

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