Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has officially launched the country’s Medium-Term National Development Plan, MTNDP, 2024-2030, titled: “A Transformative Acceleration Agenda for Food Security, Human Capital Development, and Job Creation.”

He said the ceremony marked another defining moment in the history of a country with a new plan to set a future of unparalleled prosperity and progress. He referred to the document as a well-thought-out national development plan that would serve as the backbone of society, ensuring that the aspirations of Sierra Leoneans were not only being heard but were also being meticulously addressed.

“Democracy thrives only when supported by real development, which is the foundation for freedom, equality, and prosperity. Our government recognises that the development path is paved with challenges, and it is our resolve to face these challenges head-on, guided by the principles of equity, justice, and sustainability. We also recognise that our national development plan should empower and liberate our people, not constrain them,” he stated.

The President further reiterated that the government’s goal was to dismantle barriers, enable visionaries to envision boundless futures, creators to innovate freely and citizens to thrive unimpeded. He pointed out that his government was driven by a deep-seated belief in the extraordinary potential of his people to rise above adversity and transform the world around them.

“To actualize this grand vision, it is crucial to have synergy and alignment across all levels of government. Public servants and politicians must work in unison towards our common goal of improving the quality of life of our people. Our mission is to transform areas of economic challenge into havens of economic opportunity.

“As we implement these development aspirations, it is crucial to emphasise the vital role of peace and unity. Our successor National Development Plan embodies Sierra Leonean aspirations for an inclusive, green, middle-income society by 2039. Our ambition is committed to cultivating a nation that is food self-sufficient by 2030 and endowed with a skilled and healthy workforce characterised by inclusivity and gender sensitivity.”

“We envision a Sierra Leone that creates at least half a million new jobs for our youth by 2030, in both skilled and unskilled roles. We also aim to foster a cashless economy marked by increased financial inclusion, vibrant e-government, and a public administration system that thrives on efficiency and innovation,” he said.

United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Madam Seraphine Wakana, expressed a profound sense of hope and determination at the momentous launch and noted that “This national development plan symbolises our collective commitment to forging a path of sustainable development, inclusivity, and resilience for the people of Sierra Leone. I see this plan as more than a mere document. It is a vision that encapsulates the aspirations of the government and people of Sierra Leone”.

She said the UN was delighted to have been part of the drafting process of the plan and assured that they stood ready to work hand-in-hand with the government and other partners to leverage collective expertise and resources for the greater good of all Sierra Leoneans.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr Jonathan Titus Williams, gave an overview of the plan and disclosed that the new Plan had been developed considering lessons learned from the previous plan to provide a guide for the government and all actors in the country.

He acknowledged that the plan was a continuation of the development trajectory of Sierra Leone under the New Direction government and the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio. He noted that “this plan will enable us as a nation and all development partners to build on the firm foundation we have laid to propel our nation forward among the community of nations”.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of The Republic of Sierra Leone State House.


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