Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Animal authorities in Uganda have reportedly banned the sale of meat in the capital, Kampala, as part of restrictions to curb an outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease, which affects animals.

“Movement of cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and their products and by-products from, to, through and within Kampala Capital City Authority , Kampala District, is prohibited until further notice,” the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries said in a letter cited by several local media.

“Livestock markets, slaughter places, including butcheries, loading grounds and animal shows in the entire district is hereby closed with immediate effect.”

The letter is dated 1 March but was received by Kampala authorities on Thursday, privately owned Daily Monitor newspaper reports.

A city official told the newspaper that they will work with other agencies to enforce the quarantine measures, but local media say butcheries in the city are still operational.

Highly infectious, foot-and-mouth disease causes fever and painful blisters inside the mouth and under the hooves – and can be fatal for young animals.

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