Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

A Sudanese medic has told the BBC that RSF paramilitaries are conducting a reign of terror in the large parts of the capital they control.

Mohammed Gibbril said they were raiding and looting houses, taking hostages and patrolling the streets of Khartoum.

Some of those recruited to their fight against the Sudanese army were children.

Mr Gibbril said he had been severely beaten during one such raid last Monday.

Many similar claims have been made by other residents of Khartoum.

The RSF have said on Facebook that they’re ready for a new ceasefire with the army.

The latest truce, which ended on Sunday, was better respected than previous ceasefires, though fighting has again erupted with witnesses reporting warplanes in the skies over Khartoum, and gun and shellfire.

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