Thu. May 30th, 2024

Nigerian Chef Dammy has reached her goal to cook for 120 hours, in an attempt to break the record for cooking non-stop, which is held by another Nigerian chef and recognised by Guinness World Records (GWR) just 24 hours ago.

On Tuesday, GWR confirmed that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon last month was the longest ever recorded in its history.

She had cooked for 100 hours – and was allowed a five-minute break each hour or the equivalent over several hours. However, GWR logged her record at 93 hours 11 minutes, docking her seven hours for taking a longer break on one occasion.

Ekiti State-based Chef Dammy, whose full name is Adedamilola Adeparusi, has been celebrated by locals, who gathered in what looks like their hundreds to cheer her on shouting “Go Dammy”, according to Punch News.

In the early hours of Wednesday, she posted on Twitter: “120hrs done! I want to appreciate you all for your support emotionally, financially, physically & spiritually..if not for you guys I wouldn’t be able to achieve this.”

However, not everyone has been supporting Chef Dammy so-called “cook-a-thon”, with some online saying that what she is doing so soon after Chef Baci makes a “mockery” of her.

“It’s a mockery of every single thing Hilda put into that feat and the fact that… anyone would place her side by side with Hilda in any discourse is hurtful,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person described Chef Dammy’s attempt as “a very bad imitation”.

“Just few weeks after Hilda Baci tried to break record for our country Nigeria and Africa we can’t even allow her to enjoy the fame,” someone else wrote.

GWR is yet to review or rule on Chef Dammy’s attempt.

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