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As Muslims across the world celebrate Maulud Nabiyi, the Muslim ummah has been urged to emulate characters such as patience, trustworthy, honesty and humility for which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was known, to make their religion complete.  

Addressing the 1444 Maulid Nabiyi, organised by Ansar-ud-Deen Society, Kaduna branch, at the Ekemode Hall, Kaduna, the lecturer, Alhaji Adam Ayobami Ballo, said the birth and life of the Prophet was special as ordained by Allah. 

He said there was nothing wrong in celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), adding that Muslims only need to celebrate it in a way that would not portray them as going against the tenets of Islam. 

“There is no bidia (innovation) in celebrating the birth of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) but the ways of doing it is what matters, that is what we should be careful of. Prophet Muhammed’s Sunnah (deeds), what he said, what people did in his presence and he never condemned, are rewarding deeds that we should emulate. Prophet Muhammed brought Islam to mankind. 

“Prophet Muhammed was well known for his exemplar traits and characters: Honesty, he doesn’t lie, he always say the truth: Trustworthy, he never fails a promise: Patience, the Prophet hardly gets angry and he doesn’t reply insults rather, he always strive to respond evil deeds with good deeds: he is very humble and he is also kind and merciful to people around him. Let’s emulate his traits. 

The Chief Imam of Ansar-ud-Deen Society, Kaduna branch, Sheikh AbdulAzeez Kijan, while eulogizing Prophet Muhammad (SAW), said he was a social being because he has visited paradise and hell, while fire never burnt him or anything that he has wore or rubbed on his body.”

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