Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

KBR Inc. has secured a project management contract from Sonangol for the design and construction of a new refinery in Lobito, Angola, with a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide services encompassing the project management of engineering, procurement and construction phase execution, the company said in a recent news release. The financial details of the contract were not disclosed.

The Lobito Refinery Project is one of the most significant energy infrastructure projects in the region and will contribute to Angola’s energy independence, according to the release. Upon completion of the project, Angola is expected to have a 200 percent increase in its capacity to produce fuel products within the country.

KBR completed the FEED phase of the project in 2023, providing a cost-competitive design that met Sonangol’s business objectives while meeting the advanced emission standards required in the industry, KBR said.

The contract award further extends the partnership of over 20 years between KBR and Sonangol in the development of essential natural resources in Angola, KBR noted.

“We are excited to be a part of this important project and to continue to grow and maintain a substantial presence in the region”, Jay Ibrahim, KBR President for Sustainable Technology Solutions, said. “This win is indicative of KBR’s strategic commitment to offer differentiated technical services that support Angola’s sustainable development goals”.

Ammonia Project at U.S. Gulf Coast

Earlier in the year, KBR said that its blue ammonia technology was selected by Tokyo-based Inpex Corporation and Oklahoma City-based LSB Industries for a large, commercial-scale clean ammonia production and export project on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide technology licensing and proprietary engineering design for an ammonia plant with a capacity of 1.1 million metric tons per annum, designed to capture carbon while maximizing yields, according to an earlier news release. The financial details were not disclosed.

“We are honored to work with Inpex and LSB on this strategic project to implement our market-leading low-carbon blue ammonia technology”, Doug Kelly, KBR President for Technology, said. “With this award, KBR continues its commitment to provide sustainable solutions that meet the evolving market needs while helping clients realize their decarbonization goals”.

“KBR brings a wealth of experience, expertise and innovation to this world-scale, blue ammonia project”, LSB Industries President and CEO Mark Behrman said. “We look forward to partnering with them to achieve a successful outcome, which will further support our strategy of becoming a leader in the global energy transition through the production of low-carbon products”.

“We believe that KBR’s unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement will enable us to achieve optimal low-carbon ammonia production with utmost efficiency, robustness and safety”, Shoichi Kaganoi, Senior Vice President for Hydrogen and the CCUS Development Division of Inpex. “We are delighted to collaborate with KBR, a company that shares our values of sustainability and technological advancement, as we work together to contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future”.

Science, technology and engineering solutions provider KBR describes itself as a world leader in ammonia technology. Since 1943, KBR has licensed, engineered, or constructed over 250 grassroot ammonia plants worldwide, it said.

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