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Enugu state governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2023 governorship election, Barr. Peter Mbah, has said that he was in to race to better the lots of Enugu people and to lift them out of poverty and to develop the state.

Mbah made the assertion Saturday at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, UNEC, while delivering a lecture entitled, “Leadership in modern time: Youths bridging the Gap,” 

According to the governorship candidate at the lecture organised by the Medical Research and Humanitarian Society (MEDRHUS),  

he has already made his money and is not in the race to amass wealth.

He said that he was driven by the transcendental urge to be in the race and not to earn more money.

He said, “I was driven by a transcendental need to be in the race.  I am not into the race to earn more money because I have a following oil business. I have a company that is  a leader in the industry.

“By market share and revenue, we are number one. I want to lift my people out of poverty and develop the state.” 

The governorship hopeful said he would soon unfold his manifesto on how he intends to take the state to a greater and urged the youths to engage the leaders by asking critical questions.

He said that it is no longer business as usual and for this reason, the youths should engage the leaders constructively to deliver good goverance.

Mbah classified leadership into three categories – transactional, transformational and transcendental.

According to him, transactional leadership is when a leader is only interested in the output of the led and does not care about their welfare and wellbeing so long as he gets what he wants and transformational leadership as a leader that is preoccupied with changing the status quo and improving on things.

He said a transcendental leader has a vision and a mission and encourages his followers or the lead to work along with him to accomplish the mission and the vision.

He said that his leadership model is the transcendental leadership because he believes in team work to achieve a set goal.

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